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Breast Implant Removal

There are many reasons why women choose to remove their breast prosthetics. Dr. Rodgers has treated patients from across the country that have sought his professional expertise. He has one of the highest-volume explant practices in the area…typically treating between 6 and 10 patients per week. Dr. Rodgers is very proud of his patient satisfaction rate and he strongly encourages anybody considering explantation to visit his facebook group ‘Dr. Rodgers Explant Group’. Full disclosure: This is a closed group and Dr. Rodgers does not manage (or even have access to) the group. The majority of Dr. Rodgers’ patients undergo some form of breast reshaping procedure at the time of their explantation. This technique optimizes incision placement and, of course, shape. Unfortunately, not all patients have the volume to achieve an optimal result. Dr. Rodgers is open and honest with his patients and, through his experience with hundreds of surgeries, can reliably predict outcomes. Most women choose to explant even when an unsatisfactory appearance is expected. The satisfaction rate of these patients (though lower) is still high! Explantation surgery is one of the most rewarding procedures that Dr. Rodgers performs. He is happy to help women achieve their peace of mind and, ultimately, feel better.