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Circumferential Body Lift

Sometimes, when excess skin and fat accumulate around the waist, a standard abdominoplasty is unable to fully remove it. This is more common with patients who have a history of massive (greater that 100 pound) weight loss. A circumferential body lift combines a standard abdominoplasty with a back and buttock lift. The result is a ring of tissue removed around the waist. The patient has an incision that runs circumferentially around the body. This incision is placed to be well hidden in undergarments. The benefits of this surgery are tremendous. Patients note finally being able to buy clothes that fit and are able to fully enjoy the massive amount of weight they have worked so hard to loose. This surgery can take up to 6 hours and absolutely must be performed in a fully accredited hospital with an overnight stay. This is the single most transforming body surgery that an individual can undertake. If split into 2 separate procedures, Dr. Rodgers recommends doing the abdominoplasty and then the outer thigh lift 3 to 6 months later. However, if you are certain that both procedures will be necessary to obtain your goals, a single surgery greatly reduces costs and recovery time.