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Thigh Lift

Sometimes, when patients loose significant amounts of weight, sagging of the thigh skin can occur. Unfortunately, liposuction alone cannot help this condition. Only a thigh lift which removes fat and excess skin can generate the desired results. Often, this procedure is combined with liposuction to gain the best contour. Like all of Dr. Rodgers’ surgeries, It is performed at a fully accredited hospital with the option to stay overnight. The thigh lift can be designed to target either the inner or outer thighs, but not both during the same surgery. In fact, the inner thigh and outer thigh surgery should be spaced at least 6 months apart to minimize the risk of severe lower leg swelling. Inner thigh lifts take between 2 and 3 hours. Outer thigh lifts can approach 4 hours and effectively lift the buttocks simultaneously. Many patients elect to have buttock augmentation at the time of the procedure. Instead of using a prosthetic which is prone to multiple complications, Dr. Rodgers rearranges your lifted tissues to increase buttock volume. Postoperatively, you will need to wear a snug compression garment to attain the best results for about 4 weeks.