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Tummy Tuck

Have previous pregnancies, surgeries, or weight gain robbed you of the smooth, firm and contoured abdomen you once had? Here is your chance to take it back!! Dr. Rodgers combines the power of muscle tightening, liposuction contouring and targeted skin excision to produce an abdomen that is not only flatter, but contoured and sculpted as well.

Dr. Rodgers believes that the only way to truly create an aesthetically appealing midsection is to address it in 3-dimensions. Many surgeons can excise your excess skin; however, many stop short of sculpting your flanks (love handles) and even fewer take the time to sculpt your upper abdomen. The truth is: a tummy-tuck that produces a flat, shapeless abdomen does not look natural and you deserve better!

Since opening the Artisan Center in Katy, Texas, tummy-tucks have been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that Dr. Rodgers performs. He is proud that his former patients, which include several health care professionals, adamantly refer their friends and family—the greatest compliment a surgeon can receive. Call to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn what Dr. Rodgers can do for you. In general, an abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy-tuck), is a 2 to 3 hour surgical procedure that Dr. Rodgers will only perform in a fully-accredited Hospital in conjunction with a licensed and accredited Anesthesia department. Dr. Rodgers strongly cautions anyone against having surgery of this magnitude at an outpatient-only facility or, worse yet, a doctor’s own office! Remember, only Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons have the ability to perform this surgery at an accredited hospital.

The surgery is performed through a horizontal incision low on the abdomen—designed to be completely concealed by underwear or bikini-bottoms. Depending on the individual needs of the patient, an additional incision may be needed around the bellybutton—which Dr. Rodgers will make every attempt to conceal. The muscles are then aligned and tightened with permanent sutures—restoring their original, anatomical position. Liposuction is then performed to contour the specific areas needed—especially the flanks and upper abdomen. The result…an average loss of 4 to 8 SIZES!!! (sorry, a new wardrobe is not included in the price.)

Dr. Rodgers strongly recommends an overnight stay (included in the price). You will be cared for by experienced nurses, you will have a button to push if you feel pain, and you will receive intravenous fluid to eliminate the risk of dehydration. If postoperative nausea is an issue, intravenous medications will be given. The following morning, you will receive assistance as you begin to walk. The abdomen will feel very tight and you will walk ‘hunched-over’ for a few days. Dr. Rodgers uses 2 drainage tubes that are removed in 1 week (this is not painful). In general, most patients take off 1 to 2 weeks from work to have this surgery. This, of course, depends on how physically demanding your job is and how you respond to surgery personally. Many of Dr. Rodgers’ patients have had previous abdominal surgeries such as C-sections or hysterectomies—they frequently proclaim the tummy-tuck much easier to recover from.